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Week 1

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Getting to know each other and the cyber landscape


(Week 1: Jan 08 - 14, 2017)








Jose Antonio da Silva (Brazil) Maria Bossa (Argentina) Ayat Tawel (Egypt)  




By the end of this week you will have


  • created a Credly account to receive a weekly badge  
  • done the ice breaker activity in our G+Community 
  • become familiar with the features of our G+Community and  the session wiki (you will not to join this one, just join the participants' wiki).
  •  Join the participants' wiki.  You will need to create an account in Pbworks if you do not have one
  • Create an account in Pbworks if you do not have one 
  • filled out a Google Form survey 
  • commented on the readings using the G+ Community
  • attended a live session
  • commented on the live session 




Check out how you create an account at Pbworks




LISTEN AND WATCH OUR OVERVIEW (the YouTube video below will  give you a summary of what we will be doing this week). 






Task 1. Read the Getting Started page and explore the wiki


Task 2. Join our Google+Community and do a little icebreaking activity. Check this tutorial on how to post to Google + Community in case you have any doubts

You can also add your name and home town to the map of ICT4ELT 2017 members  There is a tutorial on how to edit the map here.  

The map with all participants so far can be seen in the front page


If you prefer using a mobile device, here's how to post to the ICT4ELT Google+Community from your phone or tablette

N.B. First download the G+App on your iphone/ipad,  or android phone / tablette

First post using a mobile device


See more about using Google+ here (adjusting your settings for example)






Task 3. If you wish to receive a badge for your weekly tasks create a Credly account. By collecting all 5 weekly badges during the ICT4ELT  session you will receive the Certificate of Participation. You will be asked to provide your account information when you fill the form to request your weekly badge at the end this page.


Task 4. Fill out the Google form survey.


Task 5. Read this week readings  (at the bottom of this page) and post comments on the readings to the G+ Community.


Task 6. Attend Week One live session on Tuesday Jan 10 16:00GMT and add your comments on the session here




Tools to explore

  • Our Wiki (Here's a useful tutorial to get you started); you can check another guide here.
  • Google+ Community





I have....

  • read the Getting Started Page and explored our wiki
  • filled out the Google form survey 
  • joined the G+Community  and done the ice breaking activity 
  • commented on the readings  in G+Community (see readings on the bottom of this page). 
  • explored these tools: the wiki, G+ Community
  •  joined the participants' wiki
  • posted my comment on the Week 1 Live Session 



Suggested readings for further information

  • Getting the most of your e-learning course. Leaning online is a very convenient mode of learning. However, it is not easy if you really want to take seriously. This short article gives you some precious tips we think will be helpful to all of you who have joined our session. 
  • Wikis : A wiki has been our platform of choice for some time.  This article lays out the basic concepts behind  a wiki and gives readers some tips on how to use it in their classes. 
  • Netiquette. "Netiquette" stands for "Internet Etiquette" and refers to the set of practices created over the years to make the Internet experience pleasant for everyone.
  • 5 ultimate tricks of using social media as a learning tool The use of social media in education is a controversial topic among educators. This article gives teachers some precious tips on how to integrate social media into teaching. 


To get a badge for this week, you need to do at least 3 of the following :


  • join the G+ Community 
  • do the ice-breaking activity  in G+ 
  • do the Google form survey 
  • comment on any of the week 1 readings in the G+Community 
  • comment on the Week 1 live session  

  Please fill out this form so that we can send you your badge. 



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